Creating a market for public goods on Ethereum.
One impact certificate at a time.
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What is this?
It's easy to tell if an action was good. It's hard to tell if an action will be good.
fundingRetroactive funders solve the (comparatively) easy problem.
rocketWe're creating a profitable market for impact certificates to solve the hard problem.
Let's take a step back

We want to solve the biggest problems. Climate change, nuclear war, unaligned AI, pandemic risks, longevity, Moloch, etc.

But it's currently hard to make money funding or working on these problems. The solutions to these problems are public goods, which are currently hard to profit off of. We are forced to rely on nation-states or philanthropy to supply these goods.

Enter impact certificates: a way to maximize good while maximizing profit.

Impact certificates are NFTs issued to people who have done something good, e.g. publishing a seminal research paper on carbon capture, starting a new nonprofit to develop and distribute Covid vaccines, or donating to an NGO that directly transfers cash to poor people.

The owner of the impact certificate can sell it to someone else, attributing the impact of the positive action to the new owner. This creates a marketplace where profit-maximizing actors are incentivized to buy undervalued certificates to resell them.

Good impact speculators make a profit and bad speculators lose their money and leave the market. This steers the market where the price of the certificate is tied to how effective the good deed it represents was (e.g. the NFT for 200 tons of CO2 sequestered should be twice as valuable as the NFT for 100 tons of CO2 sequestered).

We believe that this impact marketplace, fully matured, can incentivize capitalism to notice the trillion-dollar bills left on the sidewalk and deploy the full force of the (decentralized) financial system towards supplying these goods.

Create your own impact certificate is currently in Alpha and on the Ropsten test net